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When choosing a tactical knife you have to take some things in mind.

Types: What type of knife do you need? Really, knife design may change (curved blade versus tanto blade, etc...), but it comes down to two types - Fixed or Folding.

Fixed: A fixed blade knife is a one piece blade that is normally placed into a sheath to ensure the sharp blade is not exposed. The blade may come in different sizes, and length. It can be a straight edge, or serrated edge but it basically a one piece knife.

Folding: A folding knife is just that, a knife that folds into its handle - normally. The folding knife allows for a safer carry, but also adds to better concealability because of the size reduction when the blade is folded. The blade edges come in the same varieties as a Fixed blade knife.

What do you want the knife for?

If you have a specific need for a knife: what will the knife be used for? Is it a utilitarian purpose such as to open up boxes, or cut rope, etc.? Is the knife going to be used for a Defensive tool (in some cases offensive tool)? With that in mind is better to have a knife that is stronger than flexible, is it better to have a folding knife so that it can be carried more easily, or in a clandestine manner? Is the knife going to be used for duty or for casual-off day carry? Is it part of your SOG kit?


What type of blade do you need? If it's for a general purpose maybe a blade that has a slightly rounded tip, and straight cutting edge will suffice. But, maybe you need the blade to do some cutting hard substances-in that case maybe you want to have a serrated edge. You could even choose a hybrid blade a half-straight/serrated edge. Perhaps, you need the blade to stab into items more than slice then perhaps, you need a blade with a stronger tip, such as the Tanto style blade.


Now that you determined the type of blade you need, look at the handle of the knife. Whether it's a fixed or folding knife you need to consider the handle. What you are looking at here is what type of grip you are going to have when you use the knife. Does the knife have a good grip that fits your hand comfortably when it is in use? Is the handle and grip made of wood, or plastic, or some kind of rope/string? Keep in mind that when you sweat or if liquid gets on the handle it may cause the knife to slip out of your hand. Does the knife have some kind of guard to keep your hand on the handle? Are you going to strap the knife to a ready or Go tactical bag?


In the end, the best knife is the one you use! It's great to have a flashy knife, but if you don't know how to use it properly, or it's cumbersome to carry then you won't use it. Keeping these tips in mind will help you choosing the right knife for you.

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